Ross Hamilton

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Ross Hamilton (* 1889 , † 1965 ) was a Canadian actor.


Ross Hamilton served as an ambulance driver for the Canadian Army in France during World War I. Captain Mert Plunkett brought him to the Dumbells , a variety group that looked after the troops. Here he became known in 1917 with his role of Marjorie as a travesty artist. The writer Max Braithwaite recalled: “Those were the more innocent - or perhaps the more short-sighted days. Words like 'homosexual' and 'transvestite' weren't kicked around as freely as they are now. Dressing up like a woman and singing and dancing like one, what looked upon as a damned clever trick - something like sawing a female in half, or making a rabbit disappear - nothing more. "

Hamilton played this role until the Dumbells disbanded in 1932 and was involved in many recordings for His Master's Voice . In World War II he served again in the Army Medical Corps , after which he continued to work as an entertainer.