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Messaoud Bellemou , sometimes as Bellemou Messaoud , ( Arabic مسعود بلمو; * 1950 in Ain Temouchent ), is an Algerian Raï musician, trumpeter and pioneer of modern pop Raï, the name of which goes back to him. He is often referred to as the "father of the Rai".

Bellemou grew up in Ain Temouchent as the son of a farming family. His French elementary school teacher encouraged him to learn the trumpet in the local brass band, as well as the horn . Bellemou initially performed at parties, weddings and football matches.

The Paso Doble had a strong influence on him , along with the music of classical Raï interpreters such as Cheikha Ouachma , Cheikha Bekhta and Cheikh Brahim . He also began to adapt western music like jazz .

From 1962 he reformed the instrumentation of the traditional rai alongside the singer Belkacem Bouteldja , with whom he worked from 1969 to 1979. In addition to conventional instruments such as guellal , tabla and karbakou, he also integrated modern instruments such as the accordion or other brass instruments that replaced the original flute parts ( gasba ). He gave the classical flute melodies a strong rhythm.

Bellemou also worked with other Algerian singers such as Benfissa Younes , Hadjoun Hamani or Sghir Boutaiba . In 1974 he coined the term "Pop Raï" and thus marked the historical break between the classic style of the Cheiks and the modern style of the Chebs. In the 1970s he discovered Chaba Fadela and in 1978 arranged her first big hit "Ana Ma H'Lali Ennoun". In 1985 he took part in the first official Raï Festival in Oran .

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