Metallurgist Serov

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Metallurgist Serov
Металлург Серов
Metallurgist Serov Металлург Серов
Club information
history Metallurg Serow (since 1958)
Location Serov , Russia
Club colors red, black, yellow, white
Venue Ice Palace Metallurg
capacity 3,500 seats

Metallurg Serow ( Russian Металлург Серов ) is a Russian ice hockey club from Serow , which last played in the Vysschaya League in the 2008/09 season .


The club was founded in 1961. During the Soviet era, the team played, among other things, in the then second-rate Pervaya League . In the 1998/99 season , the team entered the championship of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation , which was held due to disagreements parallel to the second-rate Vysschaya League . After the association's championship was dissolved in the following year after an agreement with the organizers of the Vysschaya League, Metallurg Serow became an integral part of the Wysschaya League in which Metallurg competed from 1999 to 2009 .

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