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The metropolis of Lithuania (Greek vμητροπολίτης Λιτβων ) was an Orthodox church province in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the 14th century. It was subordinate to the Patriarch of Constantinople and had its seat in Nawahradak , later in Vilnius .


In 1291/92 an orthodox metropolitan (bishop) for Lithuania was mentioned in a register of the Patriarch of Constantinople, also for 1299/1300. Its seat was Nawahradak .

Since 1302/03 there was also a metropolitan area of ​​Galicia with its seat in Halitsch . In 1317, 1327 and 1329 a metropolitan of Lithuania was mentioned again.

From 1355 to 1362 Roman was appointed metropolitan by the grand dukes. From 1373/75 on Cyprianos was Metropolitan of Lithuania. From 1380 to 1382 he was also Metropolitan of Moscow, but then returned to Lithuania. In 1390 he again became Metropolitan of Moscow, and united both metropolitan seats as Metropolitan of Kiev, all of Russia and Lithuania in his person. Since then there have been no separate metropolises from Lithuania.

Metropolitan of Lithuania

  • Theophil (before April 1317-after April 1329)
  • Theodorite (1352-1354)
  • Roman (1355-1362)
  • Cyprianos (1373 / 75–1389), then Metropolitan of Kiev, all of Rus and Lithuania (1390–1406)


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  3. Maybe both metropolises were identical and just had different names?
  4. ^ Member of the Synod of Constantinople
  5. His name was only mentioned in 1329, in 1317 and 1327 it may have been another metropolitan