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Rent stands for:

Rent , rent , rent and rent claim represent the remuneration to be paid by the tenant:

  • Index rent , a variable fee for a rental object, which is linked to certain parameters
  • Graduated rent , payment for a rented item for which the time and extent of the increase have already been determined
  • Cold rent , the part of the payment for rooms and land that is incurred solely for use
  • Net cold rent , also net rent , contractual agreement in which the usage fee is separated from the operating costs
  • Gross rent , including gross rent , contractual agreement in which the agreed fee includes operating costs
  • Gross warm rent , in the case of living space, the total amount incurred for use and operating costs
  • Comparative rent , comparative value from charges for the last four years for living space within a municipality
  • Imputed rent , imputed costs of a company when using its own depreciated buildings
  • Political rent , costs incurred for corruption or lobbying

Rent is the family name of:

  • August Rent (1908–1987), SS overseer in the Treblinka concentration camp

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