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Cold rent (also net rent , net cold rent or basic rent ) refers in parlance in Germany to the part of the rent that only covers the use of the room. Heating costs and so-called cold operating costs are not included in the net rent; plus the cold operating costs, this results in the gross rent .

The latter are shown separately in the service charge statement. These can be, for example: garbage collection , water (hot and cold), natural gas , sewage , heating , hall lighting, fire insurance , cable connection . Other regular costs (for example for electricity or telephone ) are usually paid to the utility or provider. The electricity provider can be freely selected by the tenant (see also: Change of electricity provider ).

The net rent in tenancy is a contractual agreement under which the actual payment for the transfer of use separately from the operating costs (levied at a flat rate or the advance) is listed. The net cold rent is often used to calculate the rent index.

The counterpart, the gross heating rent , corresponds to the total rental amount that the tenant has to pay the landlord.

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