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Television series
German title Missions
Original title Missions
Country of production France
original language French
( English )
( Russian )
Year (s) 2017–
length 26 minutes
Episodes 20 in 2 seasons
genre Science fiction
idea Ami Cohen
Henri Debeurme
Julien Lacombe
music Étienne Forget
First broadcast June 1, 2017 (France) on OCS City

Missions is a French television series consisting of ten episodes of 26 minutes each. It was written by Ami Cohen, Henri Debeurme and Julien Lacombe and directed by Julien Lacombe. It has been broadcast on the French private television channel OCS City since June 1, 2017 . In Germany, the complete series has been on RTL Passion since August 1, 2018 .


The first space mission to Mars , Ulysse 1, is a European mission funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) and William Meyer, a Swiss billionaire philanthropist.

The crew, made up of the best European astronauts and scientists, includes French , Italians and Germans, as well as Jeanne Renoir, a young psychologist who looks after the mental health of the crew on this historic mission.

After a ten-month journey, a few hours after the start of the landing process on the red planet, the European astronauts learn from the mouth of financier William Meyer that they are not the first, but that they were preceded by an American mission, that of NASA and one multinational computer company with a faster plasma-propelled ship.

Apart from an alarming video, there are no more signs of life from the American mission and the European mission decides to look for them.

Once on Mars, the European astronauts do not find Americans, but a Russian, Vladimir Komarov , the first person to die on a space mission, in the Soyuz-1 capsule in 1967.



The titles of the episodes are also displayed in a foreign language in addition to their translation into French.

  1. Ulysse (Ὀδυσσεύς)
  2. Mars (♂)
  3. Survivant (оставшийся в живы)
  4. Pierre (Stone)
  5. Alliance (ברית)
  6. Irène (IRN)
  7. Faute (fallita)
  8. Phénix (φοῖνιξ)
  9. Volodia (Володя)
  10. Orage (orage)



The television series began broadcasting in France on June 1, 2017 on OCS City.


Presented as a world premiere on April 2, 2017 at the MipDrama Projections in Cannes , the television series was rewarded with jury prizes in the Full episodes category . The jury included a French journalist from Le Figaro , an English journalist from The Daily Telegraph and an American journalist from Variety .

At the closing ceremony of the eighth edition of the Séries Mania Festival on April 22, 2017, the television series received the Discovery Award , which is awarded by the Association of Television Series Critics (ACS).

Individual evidence

  1. Missions , la science-fiction française se donne de l'ambition , published on September 17, 2017 on lemonde.fr (French)

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