Fellow sailors

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A fellow sailor , also known as a trainee , is a guest on a sailing ship or yacht who helps on board as a crew member under the guidance of experienced sailors and usually pays money for it.

Paying fellow sailors can also be found on training ships . The tasks and scope of fellow sailors vary from ship to ship, for example the trainees on the barque Alexander von Humboldt are almost full crew members, while on tall ships in Eastern Europe ( Khersones , Ukraine or Kruzenshtern , Russia) the fellow sailors are merely passengers who occasionally accompany them be allowed to touch.

Depending on the proportion of the fellow sailors taking on as a crew member, the purpose of the training or more the purpose of the leisure time prevails. The extent of the assistance is usually not regulated by contract, instead relying on the voluntary nature of the fellow sailors.

Some of the fellow sailors are mediated by sailing agencies or advertised in specialist journals or offered on the Internet.

Almost free sailing in the pleasure boat trip is called hand against bunk . Here, an experienced sailor is rewarded by a skipper for his services in such a way that there are no costs for the sailor (except for food) and the sailor gains experience. This type of sailing is usually only common for overpasses.

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