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Mizraim or Mizrajim ( Hebrew מִצְרַיִם Miṣráyim or as a pause form מִצְרָיִם Miṣrāyim ; see. Arabic مصر Miṣr ) is the Hebrew name forEgypt, with thedual ending -áyim, perhaps with reference to the "two Egypt",Upper EgyptandLower Egypt.

According to the table of nations Gen 10 , in which country names are personified, Mizraim also designates a person ( Gen 10.6  EU ). According to this genealogy, Mizraim was one of the sons of Ham , who in turn is said to have survived the flood in the ark with his father Noah and his brothers Shem and Jafet . Mizraim was the brother of Kush , who, together with Put and Canaan, forms the Hamitic branch of the descendants of Noah. According to Gen 10.13  EU, the descendants of Mazraim are the Ludites, Anamites, Lehabites, Naftuhites, Patrosites, Kasluhites and Caftorites. The Kasluhites are also referred to as the ancestors of the Philistines .


In irregular Freemasonry , the Memphis Misraïm rite is based on the idea that an antediluvian divine knowledge was transmitted in Egypt via Mizraim.