Monographic series

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Monographic series is the literary - bibliographic term for a form of continuous collected works .

Monographic series have no time limit, so they do not have a fixed conclusion. In contrast to the periodicals , the individual parts of a monographic series generally do not appear at regular intervals. The continuously published individual works of a monographic series are given their own titles; these title titles designate the individual part, whereas the overall title , series title or series title denote the entire monographic series. Monographic series are given an International Standard Number for Continuous Collected Works (ISSN), while the titles are given an International Standard Book Number (ISBN).

The series title holds the track titles together. The individual track titles are each self-contained and mostly come from different authors and can appear in different publishers. The volumes of monographic series are usually numbered consecutively. The number in question is referred to as a series number or volume number .


The monographic series Colonial Treatises comprised a few dozen volumes. The monographic series Märchenspinnerei (ISSN 2626-1766), which has been published since 2017, comprises nine separate volumes so far.

Individual evidence

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