Moretus (moon crater)

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Moretus (Moon South Pole Region)
position 70.63 °  S , 6.04 °  W Coordinates: 70 ° 37 '48 "  S , 6 ° 2' 24"  W.
diameter 114 km
Card sheet 137 (PDF)
Named after Théodore Moret (1602–1667)
Named since 1935
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The lunar crater Moretus is a large ring mountain near the south pole of the Earth's moon with a diameter of 111 to 120 km.

It represents the most clearly visible ring structure in the southern highlands, but is only visible from the earth at a flat angle (depending on the libration under 13-26 °). The inner edge of the crater wall is strongly structured and has several terraces , as is the central mountain , which rises around 2100 meters above the crater floor. The terraces and the structure of the central mountain can already be seen with an eight-inch telescope. The mountainous region behind this region, which is only visible at the very edge of the earth, and behind the neighboring Manzinus crater is also called Leibniz Mountains , the heights of which are always in the sunlight (" Mountains of Eternal Light ").

List of minor craters from Moretus
Letter position diameter link
A. 70.42 °  S , 13.98 °  W 35 km [1]
C. 72.6 °  S , 11.79 °  W 16 km [2]

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