Motukawao Islands

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Motukawao Islands
Motukawao Islands, view from Amodeo Bay near Colville
Motukawao Islands, view from Amodeo Bay near Colville
Waters Hauraki Gulf , Pacific Ocean
Geographical location 36 ° 41 ′  S , 175 ° 24 ′  E Coordinates: 36 ° 41 ′  S , 175 ° 24 ′  E
Motukawao Islands (New Zealand)
Motukawao Islands
Number of islands 14+ (with rocks)
Main island Moturua (Rabbit Island)
Total land area 1 km²
Residents uninhabited

The Motukawao Islands are a group of islands in the northeast of the North Island of New Zealand . They are the northernmost of a series of archipelagos in the Hauraki Gulf off the west coast of the Coromandel Peninsula . They are located about 5 km southwest of Colville and extend over a length of 7.6 km from the tiny Motupotaka (Black Rocks) in the northwest to the three small Ngamotukaraka Islands (Three Kings Islands) and Moturua (Rabbit Island) in the south East.

The largest islands of the uninhabited archipelago are Moturua (Rabbit Island, 24 ha), Motuwi (Double Island, 22 ha), Motukahaua (Happy Jack Island, 22 ha) and Motukaramarama (Motumarama, Bush Island, 18 ha). Smaller islands are Motumakareta, Motuwhakakewa, Motuwinukenuke (Square Island), Motutakupu (Gannet Island) and Frenchmans Cap.


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