Mouvement des citoyens

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Mouvement des citoyens
Movement of the citizens
First secretary Jean-Marie Alexandre
founding May 1st - 2nd, 1993
November 12th, 2018 (new establishment)
resolution April 25, 2003
Headquarters Route de Béthune 235
62300 Lens
newspaper La Voix du Citoyen
Alignment Democratic socialism , sovereignty
Colours) Red , blue
National Assembly

The Mouvement des citoyens (short: MDC , German: Movement of the Citizens) is a French political party that was founded in 1991 by Jean-Pierre Chevènement on the basis of the CERES, Center d'Etudes, de Recherches et d'Education Socialiste, one of the currents des Parti socialiste since the founding party congress in Épinay in 1971. With Chevènement, Max Gallo also left the Parti socialiste and joined the MDC. After the election defeat in 2002, the party dissolved in April 2003, the successor party was the newly founded party of Chevènement, Mouvement républicain et Citoyen (MRC).

In November 2018, the MDC was re-established by members of the MRC who opposed the party's merger with APRÉS .


Chevènement headed the “L'Autre politique” (The Other Politics) list for the European Parliament election in 1994. The list included leftists opposed to the Maastricht Treaty (socialist and communist candidates), feminists, radicals and Gaullists .

The MDC supported the socialist candidate Lionel Jospin in the 1995 presidential election. At that time, she was part of the “Gauche plurielle” coalition (Diverse Left). From 1997 to 2000, Jean-Pierre Chevènement was the French interior minister for this coalition. In preparation for the 2002 presidential election, Chevènement founded the “Pôle républicain” (Republican Pole) party, which included a wide range of politicians: radicals, Gaullists, sovereignists and socialists. He gained over 5 percent and is sometimes blamed for Jospin's end.

In 2002 the MDC lost all MPs in the elections and experienced a split: the Association de la Gauche Républicaine (AGR) was formed around the former MP of the Haute-Saône department, Jean-Pierre Michel . Soon after, in 2003, Jean-Pierre Chevènement founded the Mouvement républicain et citoyen , in which the remaining MDC members gathered.