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Munro bagging is a kind of Scottish national sport , which is about climbing as many Munros as possible in the shortest possible time. The word “bagging” means “bagging” in the sense of “collecting”.

As Munros in to Scotland every mountain with a height of over 3,000  feet called (914.4 meters), in the list of Munros are listed, currently there are 282 Munros. The name goes back to Sir Hugh Munro , who in 1891 was the first to compile a list of Scottish independent mountains above the 3000-foot mark. As an avid mountaineer, he also planned to climb all of these mountains himself, but when he died in 1919 he was missing two of them. The list is run in the successor to Munros of the Scottish Mountaineering Club .

Anyone who has climbed all the Munros can call themselves a Munroist . The Reverend Archibald was the first to succeed. E. Robertson in 1901. By 1981 there were 250 registered Munroists, meanwhile this number has grown to over 3000. There are various additional record disciplines - for example, most Munros in one day, in a week, all Munros within a very short time.

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