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Nutrients is a generic term for dry products made from cereals , starch or pulses . Food is considered to be food that is not normally used for the production of bread and fine baked goods . The name comes from the root of the word “nathan”, which is derived from (Old High German) nerian or Middle High German nern , which means something like “kept alive”. In this respect, all foods would be nutrients. In the technical sense, however, nutrients are exclusively products whose raw materials are processed in a peeling or flour mill.


  • according to purpose
  • Breakfast food
  • Baby food
  • Children's food
  • after processing
  • ready-to-cook foods
  • Meal (wheat or rye meal )
  • Pearl barley (wheat, barley, millet pearl barley)
  • Groats (oat, barley, wheat, millet groats)
  • Semolina (wheat, oat, millet semolina)
  • Flour (wheat, rye, oat flour)
  • Instant nutrients
  • Quell flour
  • Instant flour
  • Instant sauce powder
  • Parboiled cereals (from wheat, rice)
  • ready-to-eat nutrients
  • Raw cereal flakes (oat, barley, wheat flakes)
  • Getreideknusperflocken ( flakes )
  • Puffed foods (puffed corn, rice, wheat, millet)
  • Canned products ( soups , sauces )
  • Grain extrudates (chips, flips, crispies)

Individual evidence

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