Nasr ibn Saiyār

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Nasr ibn Saiyār ( Arabic نصر بن سيار, DMG Naṣr b. Saiyār , * 663 ; † 748 ) was an Arab governor in Khorassan .

Nasr took part in the campaigns of the Muslims in Central Asia / Transoxania early on . Under the caliph Hisham he was appointed governor of Khorasan and finally conquered Sogdia with Samarkand and Tashkent . However, the conflict between North and South Arabs that marked the end of the Umayyad period also led to tensions in the troops that were subordinate to Nasr.

Since he received no support from the caliphs because of the power struggles among the Umayyads in Syria , he increasingly lost control of the province. This enabled the Abbasid propaganda in eastern Iran to gain great influence. When the uprising in Merw broke out under Abu Muslim in 747 , he had to withdraw from Khorasan, where he was killed.


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