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Performance in the presence of King Stanislaus II , 1790. Interior of the first National Theater in Warsaw on Krasiński Square .

The Warsaw National Theater (Teatr Narodowy) as an institution was originally founded by Poland's last monarch Stanisław August Poniatowski in Warsaw , Poland in 1765 during the so-called Polish Enlightenment .

National Theater Warsaw (1839)

The drama theater in the building of the Great Theater ( Teatr Wielki ) opened on October 11, 1830 with a performance of the 1st Piano Concerto in E minor, Op. 11 by Frédéric Chopin . The theater activities were then stopped for the time being after the November uprising in 1830.

The National Theater reopened in 1924, during the Second Polish Republic . The severe repression and political control exercised over culture during the People's Republic of Poland (1945–1989) severely affected the quality of the theater's programming.

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