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Nijūshiho ( Japanese 二十 四 歩 , dt. 24 steps ), also Nīsēshī , is a karate kata that is practiced in Shōtōkan , Shitō-ryū and Wadō-ryū . Their origins are unknown, but because of their similarity to Kata Unsu and Kata Sōchin, it comes from the teaching system of the Aragaki school (Niigaki), whose origins are in the Chinese Baihequan (white crane style). It was brought to Okinawa by the martial arts master Aragaki Seisho , who often traveled to China in his capacity as translator for the Chinese language of the Ryūkyū court.

This demanding kata is mainly characterized by flowing movements and an unusual step pattern. It has 24 positions and should be demonstrated in about 60 seconds.

Individual evidence

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