Niklas Dürer

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Niklas Dürer (* around 1460 probably in Ajtós ; † after 1539 probably in Cologne ) was a German goldsmith. Other common names were Niclas Dorer , Nikolaus Dürer , Nikolaus Torrer and Nikolaus Unger .


Niklas Dürer was the son of the saddler and bridle maker Laßlen (Ladislaus) Dürer. It is believed that he left his Hungarian homeland early to live in Nuremberg with his uncle Albrecht Dürer the Elder. Ä. to learn the craft of a goldsmith. In 1481 he received the citizenship of Nuremberg and is documented as an independent master goldsmith from 1482. He seems to have earned quite well in the following years, because from 1493 he is documented as the owner of his own house. In order to optimize the sale of the goldsmith's work he made, he undertook several long trips that took him to Lübeck and Magdeburg , among others . By 1501 at the latest, he seems to have decided to move to Cologne in the long term, presumably because he hoped for better earning opportunities . For this reason, he had the city of Nuremberg issue a certificate that year stating that he was of marital birth. In the following years he seems to have made further trips.

In 1505 he was on the road on behalf of Margrave Friedrich II of Brandenburg-Ansbach , with whom a colleague accompanied him. On the way he was arrested and imprisoned because of an alleged customs offense in the territory of Count Asmus von Wertheim . The jewelery with a value between 4,000 and 5,000 guilders was confiscated. Only through the mediation of the Bishop of Würzburg, who was commissioned by the City Council of Nuremberg to negotiate, could the matter be resolved. The two goldsmiths were released and got their property back. Only after this experience does Niklas finally seem to have finally decided to actually settle permanently in Cologne.

In 1520 he was there by his cousin, the painter Albrecht Dürer the Elder. J. , who stopped by Niklas on his trip to the Netherlands , on the outward and return journeys. It is known from Albrecht's diary entries that Niklas Dürer was married and had a daughter. He is mentioned for the last time in 1539 when he was mentioned in the will of Albrecht Dürers the Elder. J. Widow Agnes is considered; then every further trace is lost.

Today none of his work can be proven.