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Guild coat of arms of the saddlers

Saddler is a profession in the leather processing industry .

Museum workshop of the Saddlery Museum in Hofkirchen im Traunkreis
Master saddler at work in his workshop
Typical saddlery tools: saddler's hammer, half-moon knife, round awl, edge puller, circular needle

The saddler almost always uses leather or fabric to make objects for use in dealing with animals, such as saddles , bridles , collars or other harnesses as well as equipment for cars and boats . Saddlers also make bags (e.g. wallets or school satchels).

Saddlers, who mainly manufacture and repair saddles, are also known as saddle makers. To be distinguished from the bag maker , cobbler , belt maker .


In Germany , the profession is recognized by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWI) as a training profession .

The large German car seat manufacturers Recaro and Grammer AG emerged from saddlery. At times the largest manufacturer of convertible tops and today's departments for the manufacture of car seats, such as complete manufacturers, such as the BMW subsidiary Rolls-Royce , is still known today as the car upholstery . At times the only manufacturer of tractor tops , the Fritzmeier company , emerged from a saddlery workshop.


In Austria this vocational training is regulated as follows:

The apprenticeship period lasts three years, with the apprentice choosing one of the three specializations right at the start: handbag, sports saddler or vehicle saddler. The tasks that the saddler deals with include designing, cutting, sewing and polishing. The range of products produced ranges from the wallet, which falls into the first category, to the riding saddle, which belongs to the second specialization, to the interior fittings and upholstery of cars, airplanes, ships, etc., which the vehicle saddler takes over. The master craftsman examination can be taken independently of the final apprenticeship examination.


There is also an official saddler training program in Switzerland . There are different disciplines, such as B. Interior fittings or body saddlers . Many small and medium-sized companies are family businesses that sell or repair leather products in addition to manufacturing.

Interieursuisse is the leading Swiss association of specialist shops for interior fittings, furniture, curtains, upholstery, textile wall coverings, carpets, special floor coverings, parquet and for all saddlery activities.

Czech Republic

There is also training as a saddler in the Czech Republic . When the craft emerged, master saddlers specialized in various areas of production (e.g. making saddles, harnesses, bags, straps).


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