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Old Leckie House is a mansion near the Scottish village of Gargunnock in the Stirling Council Area . The building was included in the Scottish Monument List in 1971 in the highest monument category A.


The Leckie family had owned the land since the early 14th century . Formerly they sat the late 17th century as a period of construction of the today Old Leckie designated Laird to -Residenz. On the basis of architectural details, however, the period between 1530 and 1570 is considered more likely today. Due to debt, the Leckies lost the property to David Moir in 1668 . A descendant of Moir was involved in the Jacobite movement and Bonnie Prince Charlie stayed at Old Leckie on September 13, 1745. In 1829 the New Leckie House , located a short distance to the east, was built. The Younger brewing family from Alloa acquired the Leckie estate in 1906. Two years later it is recorded that Old Leckie House was occupied by working-class families at that time.

For financial reasons, New Leckie was sold in the middle of the century. Old Leckie stood empty and was visibly deteriorating. In the early 1970s, the mansion was restored. In the course of this, additions from the 18th century were demolished and the house returned to its original state.


Old Leckie House is isolated about a kilometer west of Gargunnock. It is considered a significant example of the transitional architecture between reinforced laird residences and a civil mansion architecture. With the cross gable protruding on the south side, the three-story Old Leckie House has a T-shaped floor plan. Its facades are plastered with Harl , with natural stone details left out. In the inner corner, above the entrance portal, a tower protrudes, which closes with a steep conical roof . The final, slate-covered gable roofs are designed with stepped gables .

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