Olivier Remaud

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Olivier Remaud is a French cultural philosopher. He is professor of philosophy at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) in Paris and headed the Center d'études sociologiques et politiques Raymond-Aron from 2013 to 2017.

Remaud was trained at the École normal supérieure (Paris) and in 1997 taught philosophy at the University of Tours , where he worked with the Renaissance researcher Bruno Pinchard. He worked at the École française de Rome (1997), was a Research Fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (2002–2003) and the Volkswagen Foundation (2004–2005), visiting professor at the Free University of Berlin (2006–2007), on Center Marc Bloch and at the University of Oslo (2007) and J. William Fulbright Research Scholar at the State University of New York (2008). Remaud heads the History and Theory of Cosmopolitanisms division .

Remaud dealt with historians ( Jules Michelet , Giambattista Vico , Niccolò Machiavelli ), cosmopolitanism , voluntary loneliness and, most recently, the life of the Danish navigator Vitus Bering .

In 2013 he received the Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.


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