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Franciscan Brother ( Minorite ) in Assisi

Religious brothers in the broader sense are the male members of a religious community (religious men). In many male orders, however, only those members who are not priests ( lay brothers ) are referred to as brothers (lat. Fratres ). Other orders (such as the Franciscan orders and other mendicant orders ), on the other hand, attach importance to the fact that the religious priests also call themselves brothers .

The members of the Order are called in monastic Men's_Orders also monks in Kanonikerorden also canons . In most monastic male orders, the lay brothers known as conversers did not have the same rights as the choir monks until the reform of Roman Catholic religious life after the Second Vatican Council .

The form of address of a friar depends on the respective house tradition of the monastery and is either Frater (Fr.), (also Fr.) or Brother (Br.). In the Order of Malta , the Italian short form "Fra" is used to address the professed knight .

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