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As Canons Regular , well -regulated canons (also canon regularis , canon is a synonym for Canon ), is referred to the members of a collegiate church , according to a monastic rule live, usually the priesthood have received and vows have passed, but without monks to be. The rule of the order is mostly one of the two rules of St. Augustine , the Ordo antiquus or the Ordo novus .

Specifics and structure

Regulated canons differ from secular canons in that they have submitted to a rule of the order according to which they direct their spiritual life and lead a community life . The regular canons see their main task in the connection of communal spiritual life with the celebration of choral prayer and pastoral care (mostly in the surrounding parishes).

The forms of organization of the regular canons were different from the beginning, but hardly follow the principle of filiation any more. The legally independent full form of a regulated canon monastery is usually called a provost or monastery . Often the individual branches of the order of a similar character or country team have come together to form a congregation (monastery association) (as in the case of the Augustinian canons) or the order as a whole was divided into provinces ( called circariums among the Premonstratensians ).

Overview of today's canons

Among the regular canons working in Germany are today

Surname Congregations Provinces Monasteries or
Augustinian Canons Canons of Windesheim - 3 20th
Augustinian Canons Brothers of life together - 4th 25th
Augustinian Canons Augustinian Canons of the Lateran 6th 52 248
Augustinian Canons Congregation of the Austrian Augustinian Canons - 6th 164
Augustinian Canons Augustinian Canons from the Hospice on the Great St. Bernhard - 3 48
Augustinian Canons Congregation of Saint-Maurice de Agaunum - 1 50
Augustinian Canons Augustinian Canons of the Immaculate Conception - 17th 50
Augustinian Canons Augustinian Canons of Mary, Mother of the Redeemer - 1 10
Augustinian Canons Augustinian Canons of Saint Victor - 5 70
Canon's Regular of Jesus the Lord - - 1 -
Canons Regular of Saint John Cantius - - 1 24
Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem - - 1 9
German medal - 5 12 120
Knights of the Cross with the Red Star - - 2 85
Order of the Holy Cross ( Knights of the Cross ) - 4th 61 443
Premonstratensians - 6th 86 1,282
Canon Regulars of the Holy Cross of Coimbra - - 12 140
Canon Regulars of Lagrasse - - 1 -


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