Augustinian Canons of Saint Victor

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The Augustinian Canons of Saint Victor ( Latin : Congregatio Victorina , French : La Congrégation de Saint Victor , abbreviation : CRSV ) are a religious order of priests in the Roman Catholic Church . The congregation is an independent member of the Confederation of Augustinian Canons .


The beginning of the order goes back to the year 1108. Wilhelm von Champeaux , archdeacon in the diocese of Paris at the time , decided to wear the canons' dress with some priests . In 1111 he retired to the Chapel of St. Victor near Paris . This initially small church was rebuilt and expanded to become the Saint-Victor collegiate church . Here he founded a new religious community with his confreres. Their religious life was based on the rules of St. Augustine . The study of the liturgy and the daily celebration of St. Eucharist . Their job was to teach students and set up a large library . They soon founded the St. Victor and led this theological educational institution to flourish in the 12th and 13th centuries (→ Viktoriner ). The most famous representatives of this period include Hugo von St. Viktor , Richard von St. Viktor and Adam von St. Viktor . Then the political persecution began and the community of the "Victorians" had to move to England , Italy and Denmark . The religious chapter met at regular intervals in another country. The renaissance of the religious order began after the church reforms of the 11th century . Now they officially adopted the rules of the order of Augustine and took the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience .


Around Christmas 1968 three Swiss canons came to Champagne (Ardèche) . They intended to join the “Order of St. Victors ”and share the spiritual legacy of St. Victor in the spirit of the Second Vatican Council . The bishop gave them episcopal approval and gave them the management of the Saint Pierre monastery ( elevated to an abbey in 1976 ) in Champagne. In 1988 they received renewed confirmation and in 1993, with papal approbation, became a congregation under papal law .

At the end of 1980, friars from Tanzania came to Champagne to find out about the life of the canons. They returned to Tanzania and, with the approval of the local bishop, established the "Priory of Our Lady of Bethlehem" in Tanzania. Under the direction of the canons, a church , a kindergarten , a hospital and a dormitory were built. Facilities in Cameroon and Rwanda followed later .


The General House of the Augustinian Canons of St. Victor is from Champagne in the Saint-Pierre Abbey. In 2000, the Bishop of Valence entrusted the Canons with the management of the parish of Sainte-Jalle ( Département Drôme ). The Congregation of Canons today has delegations in Tanzania, Cameroon and Rwanda and has about 70 members. Abbot General has been Huges Paulze d 'Ivoy since 2015 .

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