Augustinian Canons of Mary, Mother of the Redeemer

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The Augustinian canons of Mary, the Mother of the Redeemer ( lat. : Congregation Canonicorum Regularium Mariæ Matris Redemptoris , religious symbol : CRMR , French. : Chanoines Réguliers ou Petits Frères de Marie, Mère du Rédempteur ) are a religious order in the Roman Catholic Church . You are a member of the Confederation of Augustinian Canons .

The congregation was founded in 1971 by Mother Marie de la Croix (civil: Maria Nault , 1901–1999). The order was built with the support of the Benedictine Abbey of Solesmes , the actual place of foundation is the monastery of La Côtellerie in Bazougers ( Mayenne ). Since the episcopal recognition on November 1, 1986 by Bishop Louis-Marie Billé von Laval , the Congregation has been working in the diocese of Laval with around 25 canons . In 1987 she became a member of the Confederation of Augustinian Canons.

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