Augustinian Canons of the Lateran

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Chains of Peter
Chains of Peter (close-up)

Augustinian Canons of the Lateran also "Lateran Canons" ( Latin : Congregatio Canonicorum Regularium Ss. Salvatoris Lateranensis , order abbreviation : CRL ) is the name for the "Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer of the Lateran". They live according to the rules of the order of St. Augustine and were founded in 1059, they have established congregations in Italy , France , Poland and Austria .

In memory of his coronation as King of the Holy Roman Empire , Charles IV founded a monastery for the Augustinian Canons in Aachen Cathedral in 1351 .

Pope Eugene IV (1431–1447) occupied the Lateran basilica in Rome with Augustinian canons in 1446 . From this the "Augustinian Canons of the Lateran" developed

The cardinal priestly church of San Pietro in Vincoli (St. Peter in Chains) is the church of the Augustinian Canons of the Lateran, in it the relic “Chains of Peter” is venerated. The Lateran Congregation, which mainly consisted of the cathedral chapter of the Lateran Church , was accepted into the Confederation of Augustinian Canons in 1960 . Franco Bergamin has been Abbot General since 2018 .

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