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In Austria, the organs of the public security service are those organs of the security authorities that are authorized to exercise coercive force and, in particular, to use weapons . According to § 5 Abs. 2 SPG , the following officials are to be understood as such organs:

The organs of the public security service provide the executive service for the security authorities. The executive service is to be understood as the patrol and surveillance service, the exercise of the first general duty to provide assistance, the defense against danger and the investigation and identification service. According to Section 5, Paragraph 6 of the SPG, “members of the executive service and security officers as well as all contractually employed executive officers, irrespective of their affiliation with a specific service”, are members of the federal police guard.

It follows from this that members of other guards and law enforcement bodies such as the judicial guard and the federal army are not organs of the public security service. This also applies to executive assistants .

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