Navicular bone

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Scheme of the human foot bones: The number 3 denotes the scaphoid bone.

The navicular bone ("scaphoid") or os tarsi centrale is a short bone in the tarsus . In the older literature was scaphoid hand as navicular referred. A scaphoid fracture is much more common on the hand than on the foot.

It is located on the big toe or on the tibia . Close to the body there is a cavity that serves as a joint surface for the head ( caput tali ) of the ankle bone ( talus ). In the center there is a roughening ( tuberosity ossis navicularis ), which bends towards the inside of the foot, and far away from the body there are three joint surfaces for the three sphenoid bones ( ossa cuneiformia ), separated only by small protrusions . If the bone nuclei of the navicular bone fail to fuse , an external tibial bone arises .

In ruminants , the os tarsi centrale is fused with the os tarsale quartum to form the os centroquartale .


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