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Osker was an American punk rock band that was founded in 1998 by Devon Williams (guitar and vocals) and Dave Benitez (bass) and completed with a changing line-up on drums (mainly Phil Drazik and Matthew Dietrich ). In the same year they released together with the group Blindsided a vinyl - EP on BANK SHOT! Records and were able to contribute a track to the sampler "Punk-O-Rama 3" by the indie label Epitaph through contacts . This was done by the band and made money available for the production of an album that was released in 2000 under the title "Treatment 5" , which was played and produced in typical US punk manner, and by critics as epitaph- typical and comparable to u. a. Rancid was called. The follow-up album "Idle Will Kill" was also released by Epitaph in 2001 , which clearly stood out from its predecessor in terms of production and songwriting and was also more favorably received by the critics. In early 2002 , Williams announced the breakup of the band. He has since played in Fingers Cut Megamachine and Lavender Diamond and is now releasing under his own name. Benitez plays in the rock duo The Black Heartthrobs.


Studio albums

  1. Treatment5 (2000, Epitaph Records)
  2. Idle Will Kill (2001, Epitaph Records)


  1. Blindsided / Osker (1998, BANKSHOT! Records)

Compilations / Sampler Contributions

  1. Punk-O-Rama 3 (1998, Epitaph Records)
  2. Punk-O-Rama 4 (1999, Epitaph Records)
  3. Punk-O-Rama 5 (2000, Epitaph Records)
  4. Punk-O-Rama 6 (2001, Epitaph Records)
  5. Vans: Off the Wall Sampler (2002, Cleopatra Records)
  6. Mass Destruction (2003, BANKSHOT! Records)
  7. The Aggravated Music BBQ Sampler (2003, Aggravated Music)

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