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Epitaph is an independent punk - label from California's Los Angeles , the 1981 by Bad Religion - guitarist Brett Gurewitz was founded and primarily on the skate punk - and Melodic Hardcore appeared -publications. In recent years, however, interpreters of other music genres such as hip-hop , hardcore or indie rock have increasingly been signed.

Gurewitz took the name of the label from the song Epitaph by the band King Crimson .

Epitaph also includes the sub-labels ANTI-Records and Hellcat Records . Epitaph was also responsible for the distribution of the blues label Fat Possum Records and owns 51 percent of the Swedish label Burning Heart Records .


The first release on Epitaph was the first EP by Bad Religion , which stayed with Epitaph to 1993rd The first other band at Epitaph besides Bad Religion were The Vandals , who released their first EP Peace Thru Vandalism there . In the years to come, Epitaph signed many bands that later became very successful, such as NOFX , Pennywise , Down By Law and The Offspring . In 1994 Brett Gurewitz left Bad Religion, among other things to take care of Epitaph. In 1994 the album Smash by The Offspring was released, which sold millions of copies worldwide and was an explosive success for Epitaph, so that the label barely kept up with the production and also got a bigger cushion of money, which is the further development of the label to this day largest point label in the world. Epitaph has grown into a larger company with numerous employees. 2001 Gurewitz got back in with Bad Religion and the band returned from the major label to Epitaph.

Meanwhile, a European Epitaph subsidiary in was Amsterdam called Epitaph Europe , also Eurotaph called, established, published by the American plates in Europe and boards European bands such as the German terrorist group and Beatsteaks or Netherlands Heideroosjes and I Against I .

Since 2004, Epitaph has also published hip-hop records, mainly by artists who stand out from the usual hip-hop clichés such as Atmosphere , which are known for more sensitive texts, or the radical left-wing The Coup .

In the fall of 2008, Epitaph announced that they had signed New Found Glory and Thursday . In May 2010 it was announced that the next album by Social Distortion would be released by Epitaph.


Some of the most famous bands that have released records with Epitaph and its sub-labels:

Partner labels

With these labels, Epitaph has concluded various partnerships through worldwide sales and the like.


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