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The Ottoman is a branch of Oriental and refers to the science of the history and culture of the Ottoman Empire . Due to the genesis of the Ottoman State, Ottoman Studies touches on the subjects of Islamic Studies and Turkic Studies , but also Arabic Studies , Iranian Studies , Byzantine Studies and the history of Southeast Europe .

Development of Ottoman Studies

In the early modern period , interpreters ( dragomaniacs ) and diplomats in particular dealt with the language, culture and history of the Ottomans. The Austrian Joseph von Hammer-Purgstall (1774–1856) is considered to be the actual founder of academic Ottoman studies . Not least because of its ten-volume history of the Ottoman Empire and the pronounced contacts between the Danube Monarchy and Constantinople , German-speaking scholars set the tone in Ottoman studies until the 1950s.

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Collection of articles on the history and status of Ottoman Studies up to 1999 in Canada, the USA, France, Greece, Israel and the Arab Gulf States (in English) as well as in Turkey, Romania, Hungary, Albania, Bulgaria, Japan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia and Iran (in Turkish).
With contributions on the history and status of Ottoman and Turkic Studies in German-speaking countries, in the USA, China, Russia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia and Syria (in English and Turkish) as well as in France, Japan, Hungary, Poland, Egypt, Azerbaijan and Bosnia-Herzegovina (only in Turkish) and in Algeria (in French and Turkish).
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Overview article on more current (English-language) Ottoman research with numerous further references.
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