East Pakistan

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পূর্ব পাকিস্তান
East Pakistan
Basic data
Capital : Dhaka
Status: Provincial State
Area : 147,570 km²
Time zone : GMT + 5
Languages : Bengali , Urdu
East Pakistan (today's Bangladesh)

Location of West and East Pakistan (until 1971) within Asia

East Pakistan ( Bengali পূর্ব পাকিস্তান Pūrba Pākistān ; Urdu مشرقی پاکستان Mashriqī Pākistān ) was a provincial state of Pakistan that existed from 1955 to 1971.

It occupied the eastern part of the historical region of Bengal , which became the eastern part of Pakistan in 1947 due to the Muslim majority when British India was divided. In 1971, as a result of the Bangladesh War , East Pakistan gained its independence under the name of Bangladesh .

Individual evidence

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