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The Ostpreußische Kleinbahnen AG owned twelve small railways in the former Prussian province of East Prussia until 1945 .


Share of the Ostpreußische Kleinbahnen-AG dated April 1, 1925 for RM 700

In the years before the First World War, the AG for Transport (AGV) had gained the majority of capital in almost all private and small railways in the province of East Prussia. In the post-war crisis, she wanted to consolidate the administration of the railways scattered across the country.

On June 30, 1924, it united a number of previously legally independent companies under the umbrella of its largest subsidiary, Insterburger Kleinbahn-AG . At the same time, the receiving company was renamed Ostpreußische Kleinbahnen-AG and moved its headquarters from Insterburg to Königsberg.

Up until 1945, important shareholders were the Prussian State, the Province of East Prussia, numerous East Prussian cities and districts and, last but not least, AGV and its subsidiary, the Ostdeutsche Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft in Königsberg (ODEG). This also led the operation of all small railways.

When the Red Army conquered all of East and West Prussia in the winter of 1944/45 , the small railroad companies came under Russian or Polish sovereignty; most of them were destroyed or dismantled. This then led to the liquidation of the Ostdeutsche Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft and Ostpreußische Kleinbahnen AG.

Small railways

The following small railways were owned by Ostpreußische Kleinbahnen AG. Most of them were legally independent stock corporations until 1924, but Rastenburger GmbH:

The list contains the gauge, length of the route and the opening date of the first section. The largest part (756 km) of the total network with a circumference of 777 km was narrow gauge, of which 215 km were meter gauge, 526 km were laid out in the gauge of 750 mm and 15 km in the gauge of 600 mm; only 21 km had standard-gauge tracks. A small section from Tilsit to Mikieten (7.6 km) was electrified.

Local railroad Track
Elchniederungsbahn formerly Niederungsbahn 750 53.3 November 7, 1902
Kleinbahn Heydekrug – Kolleschen 1435 16.2 December 14, 1913
Insterburger Kleinbahnen 750 221.4 August 1, 1902
Königsberg small train 750 58.6 January 15, 1900
Lycker Kleinbahnen 1000 48.0 October 22, 1913
Ortelsburger Kleinbahn 600 15.4 June 16, 1920
Rastenburger small railways 750 127.3 May 1, 1898
Pillkaller Kleinbahn , from 1938 Schloßberger Kleinbahnen 1000 60.8 December 24, 1901
Kleinbahn Pogegen – Schmalleningken 1000 65.5 August 1, 1902
Treuburger Kleinbahnen formerly Oletzkoer Kleinbahnen 1000 43.1 September 18, 1911
Wehlau – Friedlander Kreisbahnen 750 65.8 April 9, 1898
Kleinbahn Wöterkeim – Schippenbeil 1435 5.0 June 30, 1907 (only from 1930)


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