Königsberg small train

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Königsberg small train
Railways around Königsberg in 1938
Railways around Königsberg in 1938
Course book range : 120f (1940)
Gauge : 750 mm ( narrow gauge )
Königsberg (Pr) -Königstor-Prawten-Possinders (-Tapiau)
Route length: 33.3 km
from Königsberg-Volksgarten and Königsberg Oberpregel
0.0 Koenigsberg Königstor
2.0 Kalthof
2.7 Devau (Rischskoje)
5.4 Neudamm (East Pr) ( Wassilkowo / Maloje Wassilkowo )
7.1 Almonds
7.5 Almonds Inn
8.7 Neuhausen Zoo
9.6 Neuhausen (Ostpr) small train station (Guryevsk)
11.8 Prawten (Lomonosovo)
according to Schaaksvitte
12.8 Vengeance
14.3 Bulitten (Avangardnoye)
16.0 Sunny germ (Sasanowka)
17.0 Seven oaks
19.3 Gamsau (Podgornoje)
21.5 Spitzings (Malinniki)
22.2 Legitten (Pobedino)
23.6 Left (Koschewoje)
24.7 Waldau (East Pr) (Nisovye)
26.1 Norgehen (Strelzowo)
26.9 Gehlblum (Trubkino)
28.4 Pogau (Vysokoye)
29.7 Hohenrade (Vorobyovo)
32.3 Daring (Golovenskoye)
33.3 Possinds (Roschtschino)
Railway line to Tapiau of the Wehlau – Friedlander Kreisbahnen
Prawten – Schaaksvitte
Route length: 19.0 km
from Königsberg-Königstor
0.0 Prawten (Lomonosovo)
2.0 Condehones (Aistowo)
4.1 Conradswalde Hp
from Koenigsberg
4.8 Conradswalde Kleinbahnhof (Konstantinovka)
according to Tilsit
6.8 Molten tendons (Kosmodemjanskoje)
8.4 Powarben (Stepnoje)
11.3 Ginthieden (Pavlovo)
13.7 Nod (Pirogowo)
15.7 Schlaaken church (Shemchushnoye)
18.1 Eythienen (Starorusskoje)
19.0 Schaaksvitte (Kashirskoye)
Königsberg (Pr) -Königstor - Königsberg-Volksgarten
(freight transport)
Route length: 3.8 km
from Prawten
0.0 Koenigsberg Königstor
3.8 Königsberg Volksgarten
Königsberg (Pr) -Königstor-Königsberg-Oberpregel
(freight traffic)
Route length: 0.9 km
from Prawten
0.0 Koenigsberg Königstor
0.9 Koenigsberg Oberpregel

The Königsberger Kleinbahn opened up the east of the Königsberg district with two narrow-gauge railway lines.


The eastern Samland between the Curonian Lagoon and the Pregel has been crossed by the Königsberg – Labiau – Tilsit state railway since 1889 . But soon afterwards there was a need to connect other towns to the rail network. For this purpose, the Prussian state, the province of East Prussia and the railway construction company Lenz & Co GmbH founded the Königsberger Kleinbahn-AG on June 24, 1899 .

In the years that followed, a narrow-gauge small railway network with a length of 59 kilometers and a gauge of 750 mm was built.

The starting point of the small train was on the edge of the Königsberg city center. In the west of the Volksgarten was the freight yard of the small train; from there it circumnavigated the northern half of the old town on the Wallring to the Königstor in the east (3.8 km), where passenger traffic began. Since January 15, 1900, the route continued in an easterly direction to Prawten station 16 km away and then to Possinder near the border with the neighboring district of Wehlau . There the Wehlau – Friedlander Kreisbahnen connected , which were laid out in the same gauge and, like the Königsberger Kleinbahn, operated by the East German Railway Company (ODEG).

In Prawten, the 19-kilometer route to the north branched off from June 26 / November 12, 1901, ending in Schaaksvitte on the Curonian Lagoon .

On June 30, 1924, the Königsberger Kleinbahn-AG was incorporated into the Insterburger Kleinbahn-AG , which was then called Ostpreußische Kleinbahnen AG .

In 1939 the following vehicles were available: 7 steam locomotives, 2 railcars, 27 passenger cars, 4 pack cars and 111 freight cars.

Since April 16, 1928, bus routes, which were also operated by the ODEG, supplemented the transport offer. They drove from Königsberg to Kaymen , Postnicken and Schaaksvitte .

Most of the railway facilities were destroyed in early 1945 in the course of the war and were not rebuilt.


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