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Lagoon and Spit

The Curonian Lagoon ( Nehrungskurisch courses mare , Lithuanian Kuršių marios, Russian Куршский залив, Kurschski saliw ) is a lagoon in the Baltic Sea , which belongs to Lithuania in the north and Kaliningrad Oblast in the south . The lagoon is separated from the Baltic Sea by the Curonian Spit .


The total area of ​​the lagoon is 1,584 km²; 415 km² of this belong to Lithuania, the rest to Russia . The greatest depth is 5.8 m, the average depth 3.8 m (although the northern part is rather shallow). The salinity reaches a maximum of 8 ‰.

The Dange and the Minija , the mouths of the Memel (the soot stream branching into a delta at Rusnė and the Gilge ), the Nemonien and the Deime flow into the lagoon . The lagoon can only flow off at the northern end of the spit, at the Memeler Tief .

In the southeast the Friedrichsgraben bypasses the lagoon; in the northeast of the König-Wilhelm-Kanal with the inclusion of the Minija, especially the Windenburger Eck .


Seaport at Memeler Tief with lagoon and spit (view to the south)

Seagoing ships reach the port of Klaipėda , Lithuania's only seaport , on the Memel Deep . At a depth of 6 m, it has a 250–600 m wide driveway for freight and ferry traffic.


The locations on the Curonian Lagoon on a map from 1910 (see also connection map at the bottom right in the picture).

Haff, Nehrung and Elchwald belonged to East Prussia . Memel was the northernmost city of the German Empire . The Red Army captured the area in 1945 in the East Prussian Operation . Several months before the Potsdam Conference , it was integrated into the Soviet Union through a constitutional amendment .


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Coordinates: 55 ° 7 ′ 22 ″  N , 21 ° 0 ′ 38 ″  E