Otto Braune (composer)

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1st page of the autograph for the motet " Machet die Gore weit "

Friedrich Wilhelm Otto Braune (born February 11, 1811 in Berlin , † July 19, 1884 in Halberstadt ) was a German composer and church musician .

Braune was born on February 11, 1811 in Berlin. He studied at the Königigl from 1830 to 1832. Institute for Church Music in Berlin, he received further training from the music theorist Siegfried Dehn .

In 1856 he applied for the "finished" (vacant) position of cathedral choirmaster in Halberstadt, where he began his service at Easter of the same year.

Otto Braune died on July 19, 1884 in Halberstadt, leaving behind his wife Clara (née Rüdiger) and a daughter.

The investigations into Otto Braun's life and work are only just beginning, according to previous knowledge, some songs and around 40 choral works, mostly a cappella , but also some with orchestra, are to be expected.


  • 6 chants for a deep voice (alto or bass) with accompaniment of the pianoforte
  • 20 motets Op. 45. Book I. (No. 1–7 in print)
  • Motet for the Advent season Machet die Thore wide 1857
  • Motet: Psalm XX
  • Psalm cantata: 90th Psalm

Individual evidence

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