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Páll Guðmundsson (* 1959 in Húsafell ) is an Icelandic sculptor and lives in the west of Iceland .


The son of a sheep farmer studied at the art academy in Reykjavík , including a year at the Cologne University of Applied Arts. The artist now lives and works mainly at his place of birth.

His characteristic are faces that he carves out of the stone found on site (and in a certain way reads out beforehand). Among other things, he immortalized Johann Sebastian Bach , the Icelandic musician Björk and the Icelandic writer Thor Vilhjálmsson . He is a contemporary celebrity in Iceland, as rock sculptures of him can be found in many places on the island . He also combines sculpture and painting: by painting steamed lava stones with black ink and then pressing them on dampened paper, he creates “ice crystal pictures”.

Since many of his friends are musicians, Páll came up with the idea of ​​making the stones ring. A kind of three-meter-long, self-made instrument was created from thin, forearm-long stone slabs, each of which produces a different sound under the clapper. As a musician on this “stone harp” he has already performed with the Icelandic band Sigur Rós on a tour abroad.

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  • Report The one with the stones plays in the magazine Berge , 1/2004

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