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PC PowerPlay
PC PowerPlay logo
description Computer games magazine
publishing company Cypress
First edition November 24, 2004
attitude 2007
Frequency of publication per month
Sold edition 71,650 copies
( IVW  Q1 / 2007)
Editor-in-chief Martin Deppe

PC PowerPlay (short PCP ) was a German computer game - magazine , which at CyPress in Hochberg was moved. It appeared monthly from December 2004 to September 2007, usually on the last Wednesday of the previous month, and had about 180 pages per issue, depending on the type of game.

Despite the similar name, the magazine has nothing to do with Power Play , which was published from 1988 to April 2000 .


The first regular issue in December 2004 appeared in November 2004 with a DVD including the full version “ No One Lives Forever 2 ” at a price of € 2.99 and brought together well-known and experienced editors who had previously worked for PC Player , GameStar , PC Games and Power Play were active. Martin Deppe was the editor-in-chief ( ViSdP ) of the magazine, Florian Stangl his deputy.

The magazine was discontinued with the October 2007 issue . Subscribers received one of the two Computec magazines PC Games or PC Action as a replacement . A special issue July – September / 2007 was also published at a price of € 5.99.

After four redesigns and fundamental style changes had not helped the magazine to be successful, a video that illegally showed a swastika flag and was to be found on the magazine DVD meant that the entire edition had to be reclaimed from the sales outlets and crushed. The video was the international trailer for Turning Point: Fall of Liberty . Shortly afterwards, the Cypress publishing house was swallowed up by Computec Media.

From the first to the last of the 35 regular editions published, the numbers were in the red.

Issue type

  • PC PowerPlay DVD 16+ (normal edition, could also contain demos and videos with an age restriction of 16+)



The main categories of printed output of PC PowerPlay were:

  • News from the PC computer game scene.
  • Previews of upcoming PC computer games that are still in development.
  • Tests of current PC computer games (recently published or about to be released ).
  • Tips, cheats and solutions (in the sense of a computer game), e.g. B. a step-by-step guide ( walkthrough ) for playing through a current computer game.
  • Articles about current PC hardware components related to computer games (e.g. graphics cards , joysticks and computer mice )
  • A magazine section with letters to the editor and reports on the subject of computer games (e.g. the development history of a PC game).

Booklet DVD

The data carrier enclosed with the booklet contained demos and screenshots of current games, mods , patches , drivers , tools , videos exclusively (with a few technical exceptions) in high video resolution (high resolution, 1024 × 768 pixels) and, since the first edition, several full versions of Computer games. The DVD of the special issue did not contain a full version, only videos and World of Warcraft “add-ons”.

With issue 2/2007, PC PowerPlay changed the magazine DVD: Instead of the high-quality full versions, there were now older full versions, but more and longer videos and additional demo versions and mods. At the same time, the price fell (from 3.60 euros in the meantime) to 2.99 euros.

Scoring system

A specially developed rating system was used for the game tests. There was a difference between individual grades and an overall rating.

The individual grades were given on a scale from 1 to 10. The following criteria were assessed:

  • graphic
  • Sound
  • control
  • the atmosphere
  • Multiplayer

The overall rating is calculated independently of the individual ratings. Each of the listed testers (there were two to a maximum of six editors per game) assigned their own rating from 1 to 100. The average was calculated from these individual ratings, which subsequently corresponded to the overall rating.


PC PowerPlay awarded various awards ( Awards ) for a particular game quality regardless of the score of a game. So games could get PC Powerplay Awards for

  • Driving pleasure (mainly racing games)
  • Nostalgia value (mainly new editions of classics)
  • Puzzle quality (mainly adventure )

and received several other awards. It was also possible for a game to win multiple awards.

In addition, games with a particularly poor rating received the negative price PC PowerPlay Pickle of the Month .

Circulation statistics

According to the publisher , the average monthly circulation in the first quarter of 2007 was 71,650 copies. That was 1.7 percent (= 1,186) more issues than in the previous quarter, but 36.9 percent (= 41,886) fewer issues than in the same quarter of the previous year.

Number of copies sold each month

Source: IVW and from I / 2007 Cypress Verlag

Number of subscribers

Source: IVW, no data available from I / 2007

Web links

  • pcgamesdatabase.de All magazine covers since first edition 12/2004 with game reviews, awards, quotes, pros and cons. Only the special issue 7–9 / 2007 is missing.

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