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The Paemanen (also Paemaner or Permanen , Latin Paemani ) are a Celtic or Celto-European tribe known from De bello Gallico by Gaius Iulius Caesar .

Caesar counts the Paemanen together with the Eburonen , Caerosern and Condrusern to the Germanic tribes on the left bank of the Rhine ( Germani cisrhenani ) . Together, they presented during the war of the Belgians against Caesar in 57 BC. 40,000 armed men. The Paemanen settlement area was probably in the Eifel-Ardennes area between the tribal areas of the Treveri , the Eburones and the Remer, who lived on the other side of the Meuse .

The late antique historian Orosius read the text passage in Caesar as Caemani , which is why they appear under this name in later authors.



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