Anti-tank missile

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BGM-71 TOW is launched by a Ford M151 MUTT (Israel)
Launch of a HOT missile from a Jaguar tank destroyer
BO-105 PAH-1 with six HOT

An anti-tank missile is a guided or unguided missile that is propelled by a rocket motor. A guided anti-tank missile is steered by cable, wire or radio signal.

An anti-tank missile is designed as a modular weapon system. The system uses various sensors and warheads . An anti-tank missile can be launched from fixed locations and vehicles, but also from airplanes, helicopters and watercraft.

Anti-tank guns, on the other hand, do not fire anti-tank missiles, but special grenades .

Examples of anti-tank missiles are: HOT (manufacturer: Euromissile ), MILAN , the American anti-tank guided missile TOW and Bölkow BO 810 COBRA (historical).

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