Papaflo & Co

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Papaflo & Co was a musical group .

It existed from 1975 to 1985. The musical direction of the band lay mainly in the revival and dissemination of old Czech (West Bohemian) folk songs . There were also old German, southwestern French (Occitan) and his own compositions.

Papaflo & Lucijana

In 1975, at the instigation of Jana Cisar and Florian Kienzerle, two more members joined this duo: Ludwig Cisar sen. and Luggi Cisar jun. The band that was originally formed in this way was called Papaflo & Lucijana .

The members played the following instruments:

The band initially played mainly in southern Germany and Switzerland . There was a long-term collaboration with the Südwestrundfunk in Tübingen .

Papaflo & Co

In 1980, Clara Novak joined as a fifth member as a professional flutist and singer. As a result, the group was then Papaflo & Co renamed.

With increasing popularity, invitations and appearances at many folk festivals all over Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Austria followed.

In 1981 the first LP with the name "Songs and Dances from Böhmen" was produced. 1983 the second LP "On the way to Budweis" was produced by AUTOGRAM Records in Nottuln. Papaflo & Co also contributed to several sampler records.

In 1985 the group broke up after a farewell concert in the Ulmer Westentaschentheater .

In 1987 father Ludwig Cisar died at the age of only 68. The other members now live in the Ulm area. After a long stay in Paris, Clara Novak works and now lives in Barcelona as a musician. Florian Kienzerle heads a psychological counseling center, Jana Cisar is a psychotherapist, Ludvik Cisar works as a general practitioner.

As a musical successor there is now a connection between Ludvik Cisar, Florian Kienzerle and Irmgard Bühler, who play under the name Flo (h) band .