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Vertical car parking stands

A parking stand (in Switzerland a parking area ) is a demarcated area in public traffic that is used to park exactly one road vehicle. Several parking stands form a parking lot , which can also be set off from the street. In contrast to parking spaces, parking spaces are on private land.

Parking lot for wheelchairs

Parking stands for motorized vehicles are usually arranged in parking lanes along the road , parking stands for bicycles are usually accessible from the side room . A parking stand can have special features, e.g. B. a public charging station for electric vehicles.


A distinction is made between four types of installation of parked vehicles:

  • Longitudinal installation
  • Inclined installation
  • Vertical installation
  • Block arrangement


The depth of the parking level (also the installation depth) depends on the type of installation, the installation angle and the vehicle dimensions. If the parking stand is demarcated from the sidewalk with the help of a high curb, the so-called overhang strip must be added to the parking stand depth. The vehicles roll forward as far as the stop on the curb, but the front part of the vehicle still protrudes into the sidewalk. In Germany, the overhang strips should therefore be taken into account according to the guidelines for the construction of city streets . The width of the strip should be 50 cm in cramped conditions and 70 cm under normal circumstances.

Individual evidence

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