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Korean spelling
Korean alphabet : 팥죽
Revised Romanization : Patyuk
McCune-Reischauer : Pʼatjuk

Patjuk (팥죽 [pʰat̚.t͈ɕuk̚] : literally ' adzuki beans - porridge ') is a traditional Korean dish made from red beans and sticky rice . The dish is eaten on the day on which the day is shortest, i.e. on the winter solstice . According to the lunar calendar, this day is on 22/23. December and is called Dongji (동지 [toŋ.dʑi] : literally 'onset of winter').


The ingredients are adzuki beans, sticky rice and water, but also some sugar . First, adzuki beans are boiled in plenty of water. A somewhat thick bean juice is obtained from this. While the beans are cooking, one to two centimeters large balls of sticky rice flour are formed, comparable to a dumpling in a smaller format. The bean juice and the balls are then boiled together with glutinous rice in plenty of water, creating a kind of rice soup.

Individual evidence

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