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A penis pump in use on the male member

The penis pump is a vacuum pump that is used as an aid in case of impotence , when the limb cannot naturally be stiffened sufficiently for sexual intercourse . The penis pump is a possible alternative to drug treatment with sexual enhancers or the implantation of a penile prosthesis .

The pump is placed over the penis and generates a negative pressure by pumping , which makes the member stiff. An elastic penis ring at the base of the penis, which is attached after the necessary stiffening has been achieved and after the pump has been removed, the erection lasts for a while. The statutory health insurance in Germany covers the costs for a penis pump if, according to a medical diagnosis, there is an erectile dysfunction. In this case, the doctor can prescribe the pump as a medical aid . In addition to their function as a medical aid, penis pumps are also used for masturbation and for erotic games, for example in the cock and ball torture , even if the partner has no potency problems.

Penis pump from the early 20th century

Devices that work on the principle of a penis pump are also advertised as an alleged possibility of permanent penis enlargement. An effectiveness has not been scientifically proven. There is also a risk of hematomas and tissue damage if too high a negative pressure is applied. The adult trade offers a large selection of such penis pumps.


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