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DBI ( DataBase Interface ) is a Perl - module , the Perl programs a single database interface to various database management systems provide and thereby allows parallel communication with multiple databases of different types.

The DBI module itself only evaluates the programmer's commands and requires a DBD ( Database Driver ) driver module for each database to be addressed . Individual DBD drivers are not only available for all common databases such as MySQL , MSSQL , Oracle , Informix , Sybase or other interfaces such as ODBC , JDBC and ADO , but also for database-like systems such as CVS , XML files, Google or amazon. com . The DBD driver for SQLite already contains the complete database software and can therefore also be used without an external database system.

Since speed can be critical in database applications, DBI and DBD modules have a platform-dependent binary part that is only maintained for the most common systems. That is why there is also a slower, lower-maintenance version of pure perl that can run wherever Perl is available.

DBI and DBD were designed by Tim Bunce in 1992 and programmed by him with the help of many other programmers. Since 1994 it has developed into the standard solution for database access and is one of the most frequently used Perl modules.

Like almost all Perl modules, they are available in the CPAN either under the GPL or the Artistic License .


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