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Petters is a form of Peter and the name of the following people:

  • Andreas Petters (* 1961), German politician (CDU)
  • Arlie O. Petters (* 1964), Belizean-American mathematician
  • Eva Petters (* 1971), Austrian ballet dancer; Daughter of Heinz Petters
  • Heinrich Petters (1810-1884), German sculptor
  • Heinz Petters (1932–2018), Austrian film, television and theater actor
  • Karl Petters (1886–1948), German politician (DDP), member of the state parliament in the Oldenburg state parliament
  • Karl-Günther Petters (1941–2019), Lutheran theologian; Provost in Hamburg and chief pastor at the St. Jacobi Church there

as well as the name of the following company: