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IPA mark ˤ
IPA number 423
IPA character description vertically mirrored superscript crackling sound
Unicode U + 02E4
HTML (dec.) & # 740;
Kirshenbaum <fzd>

Pharyngalization (from Greek  φάρυγξ pharynx , throat ') is a process of secondary articulation in which the articulation of a sound is accompanied by a formation in the throat ( pharyngal ).

An example of pharyngeal consonants are the so-called emphatic consonants of Arabic . Pharyngealization gives the consonants an A coloring. Pharyngalisierte sounds are in the IPA -Lautschrift with the sign [⁠ ˁ ⁠] in: [ T ].

Other types of secondary articulation are: palatalization , velarization , laryngealization , glottalization and labialization .

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