Pinch runner

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A pinch runner , abbreviated to PR ( German : Einwechsel-Baserunner), is a reserve player in baseball who is not divided into the order of hits from the start , but replaces a teammate who is on a base.

Pinch runners are usually brought in when they are behind, when a team has to collect their own runs rather than preventing opposing points. Pinch runners are usually very strong players who often collect many steals in a few innings . Pinch runners are usually stronger offensively than defensively and are usually reserve infielder or outfielder, since a baseball team usually does not use the difficult-to-replace catchers or pitchers for this role. A similar role is played by pinch hitters , who replace teammates who should actually be the next batter .

Pure pinch runners are extremely rare in professional sport, the exception in Major League Baseball is Herb Washington .

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