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Shortstop position

Shortstop , SS for short , is the position in baseball between second and third base. The shortstop is often considered the most dynamic defensive position in baseball, as there are significantly more right-handed than left-handed batter (batsmen) and many hitters tend to pull the hits to the left of the field (pulling the ball) . This means that more balls get to the shortstop than any other position. In the numbering system used to record defensive plays, the shortstop is number 6.

The shortstop must cover second base in a double play situation if the ball is hit to the second baseman , first baseman , pitcher or catcher . He often covers second base when a runner tries to steal base. The shortstop generally has priority with infield pop-ups , which means that they often call other players away, whereas with somewhat longer pop-ups in the outfield they usually have to give way to the outfielders .

Traditionally, the players for the position of the short stop are selected based on their throwing power, accuracy and speed, but in recent years more and more players have appeared who are also very good at hitting.

Hall of Famers

The following short stops were inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame .

Ozzie Smith